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Buying or selling a house from start to finish

At Woodford Stauffer we guide you through the process of buying or selling a house from start to finish. If you click the 'conveyancing process' button you can view the process through which you need to go for either buying or selling a property. We will let you know exactly what needs to be done and when. You will find the necessary forms on this site under the conveyancing section. Simply download what you need and return them to us to proceed.

Woodford Stauffer offer a friendly and flexible service for buying or selling your house. We have a team of friendly young professionals who will guide you through the process with ease and efficiency. We give you up to date independent advice about the market place, surveys and valuations, mortgages, deposits, life assurance requirements, estate agents and any other aspects of your move.

We guide you through each step of the conveyancing process at a price that is agreed in advance with you

Contact the Conveyancing services department

Darren Bowen

Partner, Head of Department

t: 01252 550 419
f: 01252 375 399

Emma Fairbairn

Partner, Conveyancing Manager

t: 01252 550 417
f: 01252 375 399

Sally Digweed

Salaried Partner, Licensed Conveyancer

t: 01252 550 416
f: 01252 375 399

Joanna Elliott

Salaried Partner, Legal Executive FILEX

t: 01252 550 406
f: 01252 375 399

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Testimonials for the last 3 months

What people say about the Conveyancing department

  • "Thank you Emma and Frankie for excellent service to elderly clients. Well done!" - H1892/4 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "Sally Digweed and her staff were very helpful and efficient. We were reassured by the excellent service" - H2053/2 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "All of your staff were great, a very quick and excellent service. Thanks again." - R1867/1 (entered: 21 June 2017)


  • Thank you for a great service" - W2699/1 (entered: 21 June 2017)


  • "Debbie was excellent, kept me well informed of the progress and any communication with me was always done in a professional yet friendly manner, she has a great sense of humour" - F1215/2 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "A professional and efficient service, keeping me informed at every stage of the process" - G2260/1 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "Emma was great and very responsive. Kate was fab while Emma was on holiday" - J1013/2 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • I cannot thank Sally and her assistant Liz enough. They were both so helpful to me and I know they went that extra mile to help. So professional and courteous - thank you." - P2209/1 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • Special mention "Debbie Brown 10/10" - R1844/1 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • Special mention " Emma Fairbairn and team - thank you for making a stressful time as easy as possible. I felt very re-assured during the whole process." - E784/1 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • Special mention "The whole team dealing with our conveyancing provided a very good service" - D1736/1 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • Special mention "Debbie Brown. Very pleased with the overall service." - C2816/1 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "Thank you Megan for being so patient. Any small worries I had were of my own fault" - H3044/2 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • Special mention "Debbie Brown - the best service ever." - C3096/2 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "As always Emma and assistant kept us well informed" - B2159/7 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "Sally was supportive, wise and constantly helpful throughout and Kate took over seamlessly for the final week. Brilliant teamwork. I am deeply appreciative of such superb service" - D1712/3 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "We have used Joanna Elliott before and she is very helpful and very professional." - E780/2 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • Special mention "Debbie Brown - efficient, friendly and we could not have wished for anyone better to see us through a very stressful sale and purchase. Thank you also to Emma" - W2683/2 (entered: 22 June 2017)


  • "Joanna Elliott was extremely efficient, speedy responses" - A1071/4 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • Special mention "Lorraine was really helpful" - R1800/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "I would like to mention Joanna, Mica and Lindsey for an excellent service" - H2940/2 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • Special mention "Emma and Megan, many thanks for everything you have done for us very professional from our own experience the service was exceptional. Thank you to Emma and the staff very helpful and efficient and kept us updated at every stage, excellent service" - Z73/2 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Darren was very calm, helpful and long suffering, beyond the call of duty. Thanks for your extra patience. Thanks a lot Darren. This is the second time of an excellent experience. Keep smiling I couldn't do what you do." - W1969/3 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Joanna Elliott was very happy to help and always called back quickly. Great service! Thank you" - D1613/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "We were very pleased with the services provided by Woodford Stauffer" - T1487/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • Special mention "Ms Emma Fairbairn - for her professional approach, knowledge and support/understanding. Equal praise for Megan Barnes. All contact made with this firm is highly satisfactory." - T980/5 (entered: 29 March 2019)


  • Special mention "Sally Digweed - absolutely fantastic - worked tirelessly to get me in to my new property on the same day I had to leave my old one. Just brilliant service" - B3524/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Joanna was fantastically ehlpful and informative throughout. Thank you" - B3234/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Debbie Brown did an excellent job. She was professional, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. She made it all flow very smoothly. The easiest house selling transaction I/we have experienced and we bought and sold quite a few properties in our time. Well done" - W2698/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Joanna and her team were a pleasure to deal with" - C3051/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Emma Fairbairn was outstanding in a prolonged transaction. She could not have done more" - S3398/4 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "All delivered a very efficient, friendly, professional service. Darren Bowen and Sarah Coy and Yvonne. When I am in need of assistance again, I am confident that I will be given the same highly efficient service." - H2971/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Everyone I dealt with was excellent - quick, personable. I dealt with Joanna Elliott, Kate Reid and Mica Wallace" - B3517/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Kerry Brunt dealt with completion matters very efficiently" - C3060/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Superb Service" - R1825/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • Special mention - "Darren Bowen and Minni - excellent service thank you." - M3139/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)


  • "Very proactive and kept communication channels open" - M2885/1 (entered: 29 March 2017)