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Legal costs

clear information

At Woodford Stauffer we will give you clear information about the costs of legal representation.

Free introductory meetings

We recognise that taking the step to instruct a family law solicitor can be difficult, for three reasons.

  • You may not know how to proceed because you are uncertain of the legal and financial consequences of getting divorced, or separating from your partner.
  • You also may want to be of your options in advance, before incurring significant costs.
  • Finally, you will want to choose a lawyer with whom you can work easily and effectively during the case.

For all these reasons we offer a free introductory half hour meeting.

We will also write a follow up letter at a modest cost if you want us to. This allows us to confirm in writing the main options we have discussed with you at that meeting. You can then decide how and when to proceed, without further obligation.

Up-front costs

Hourly Rate: Usually we charge at an hourly rate. We will notify you of the current rate at the very outset of your case and discuss funding options with you.

We can also offer fixed fee work.

Advance costs estimates: As solicitors we have a professional duty to provide advance estimates of costs of a case at the outset of a case with updates thereafter.

Fixed fee work

In some aspects of family law it is possible to predict fairly precisely how much work will be involved and so it helps both the client and solicitor to charge a fixed rate for that work. Currently Woodford Stauffer offers a fixed rate fee for the following areas.

  • Divorce Procedure
  • Pre-nuptial or Cohabitation Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Consent Orders
  • Change of Name Deeds