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Accidents at work

Why use a solicitor in a personal injury case?

If we think your case has a reasonably strong chance of succeeding, we will represent you on a no win no fee basis. We will tell you whether we can offer you this option at our first meeting, which is always free of charge and without obligation.

At Woodford Stauffer we make sure that everything we do is clear and fair. Many of the claims handlers who offer a personal injury service effectively act as a middle man, often charging you for that privilege and creating a more complicated chain of communication. They are not solicitors; their business is to make money by putting you in touch with solicitors, at a price. We only work directly with you!

No win no fee:

What happens if I lose?

Providing that you follow our advice:

  1. We pay all of the expenses of your claim.
  2. We do not charge you any fees in respect of our own services.
  3. The cost of your opponents, if any, will be paid for you.

No win no fee:

What happens if I win?

If you win, we will charge you a success fee out of your compensation. This is agreed in advance with you. This fee varies according to each case but there are never any hidden fees or charges.